The UK spots that rival exotic destinations for a fraction of the price  

The UK spots that rival exotic destinations for a fraction of the value  


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With heatwaves anticipated to hit the UK in late July and August, many Brits shall be seeking to make the most of the summer time warmth. As temperatures will rival that of Spain, Greece and even Australia, discovering the good place to take pleasure in the summer time solar shall be on the radar for a lot of.

According to analysis from Verdant Leisure, greater than 4 in 5 (84%) holidaymakers say they’re prone to go on a staycation this yr however staying on UK shores doesn’t imply holidaygoers need to sacrifice the exotic scenes discovered overseas.

To assist these eager to get the pleasure of abroad from the consolation of the  UK, Francesca Houldsworth, journey skilled at Verdant Leisure, has uncovered the beautiful native surroundings that most carefully resembles widespread and notable vacation locations round the world.

1) Lavender Fields, Kinross

Looks like: Lavender Fields, Provence

Francesca commented: “Every year, the Lavender fields in Provence, France blossom brightly, attracting hundreds of visitors from around the world, to capture the Instagrammable and breathtaking flowers. Yet in the small town of Kinross, Scotland the same blooms of lavender can be spotted every summer. Open for only six weeks of the year, Scotland’s lavender farms are a summer bucket list destination.”

Kinross vs Provence

2) Woolacombe Beach, Devon

Looks like: Bondi Beach, Australia

“On the stunning coastline of Devon, you might mistake yourself for being on Australia’s infamous Bondi Beach, should you visit Woolacombe. The 3-mile sandy beach, surrounded by rugged cliffs and sand dunes, is a popular spot amongst holiday-goers and surfers alike. While the UK can’t promise warm sea water all year round, it can promise unrivalled areas of natural beauty such as Woolacombe beach.”

Woolacombe Bay vs Bondi Beach

3) Tunnels Beach, Devon

Looks like: Ulluwatu, Bali 

“A popular destination for young travellers, Bali is famous for its tropical climate and fantastic surfs. Fortunately for UK holidaymakers, you can replicate the magic of Ulluwatu in Bali, without the steep price tag, when visiting Tunnels Beach in Ilfracombe. The beach is nestled amongst a rock face, with hidden coves and tunnels, perfect for little ones to explore during your visit.”

Tunnels Beaches vs Ulluwatu

4) Little Switzerland, Devon 

Looks like: Switzerland

“Distinctive architecture and breathtaking landscapes make Switzerland a sought-after holiday destination for people across the world. Little Switzerland, however, is situated much closer to home. The Devon towns of Lynmouth and Lynton have been named as such by locals, with buildings and scenery that closely resembles that of Switzerland.”

Little Switzerland vs Switzerland

5) River Tay, Perthshire

Looks like: Te Urewera, New Zealand

“Instead of enduring the 24-hour flight to New Zealand this summer, take a closer look at the river Tay in Perthshire. Best known for its quality salmon fishing, it rivals that of Te Urewera in New Zealand, and is the longest river in Scotland. The river attracts anglers from all over the world, so whether you are a pro with a fishing rod or a newbie on the scene, don’t skip out on visiting the river Tay during your staycation.”

River Tay vs Te Urewera









The submit The UK spots that rival exotic destinations for a fraction of the price   appeared first on Travel Daily.


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